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Welcome to Hotel dalos


Hotel Dalos has been designed and formed as a boutique-style hotel which provides comfort in a natural environment. The Hotel has been built to a high standard, and all ten rooms have balconies and are suitable for families with children.

It has a pool for adults and a pool for children; plus a cafeteria and bar unit in a large, beautifully landscaped garden area.

he Hotel is located in a valley near the beautiful harbour town of Göcek and is very close to Inlice Beach. It has an ideal location for those who expect quality service within a natural, peaceful and comfortable environment. 

The beach is within walking or cycling distance of the Hotel (bicycles are available for guests upon request).

Our Region

Surounding Of Göcek

Lykia- Land of Lights.

First of all, we would like to welcome you to Lykia- Land of Lights.

The history of this region of Turkey goes back to 1400 BC. The residents of areas such as Tlos, Pinara, Sidyma, Letoon, Xsanthos, Patara and Daidela suffered many wars and earthquakes.  The ruins are outstanding and have thousands of visitors each year.

Hotel Dalos is located in a valley and situated on one side are the oriental sweetgum trees (which only grow in the area between Marmaris and Fethiye in Turkey); in another direction is Inlice beach and on the third side are beautiful pine forests.

Bird Watching

The Muğla region is well known for its variety of birds.  It has bays and areas of water which provide excellent places for birds to lay their eggs, and therefore the area is of great interest to bird watchers.


Iztuzu Beach, on the mouth of the Dalyan Delta, is an unspoilt, long, sandy beach and is one of the main remaining places in the world where loggerhead turtles lay their eggs. The area is under protection.  Dalyan is also well known for the ancient Roman ruins of Kaunos which date from the 4th century BC; the Lycian rock tombs, mud baths etc. It is well worth a visit.


Fethiye is well known in the Lykian Coast. The town itself is beautiful but the beaches around are amazing.


Kayaköyü is a historical village near Fethiye and its old name was Levissi or Karmylassos. It was deserted by its Ottoman Greek inhabitants after World War 1 and the Turkish War of Independence. Although much was destroyed in an earthquake 1957, it now has a museum, 2 large churches, 14 chapels, 2 schools, 2 fountains, 2 windmills and approximately 1,000 houses.

Saklikent Gorge

Between Patara and Fethiye, on the foot of the Lykian Taurus, you will see a massive canyon. A vertical precipices up to 300m high rock wall encloses a raging river.


Ölüdeniz  Beach is a long spit of perfect sandy beach and was selected as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006. The sheltered blue lagoon is completely hidden from the open sea and is bordered by forest.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley takes its name from the “Jersey Tiger” butterfly.  It is said that “the walls of the valley touch heaven”. It is amazing to see hundreds of butterflies in their colonies.


Patara is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Also it is an antique City and in former ages it used to be an important harbor town of Lykia.


The Yassıcalar islands are a compination of 5 islands of various sizes. As it is an ideal swimming area most of the tourist boats meet at the main island. The region is also a center of entertainment where various water sports are carried out 

Taşyaka (Bedri Rahmi)

Facing the Tersane İsland as you approach the Taşyaka cove, a fish painted in bright colors on a large rock greets you. The picture was painted by  Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a famos türkisch painter, during one of his “Blue cruises. You can enjoy a walk through pine trees , visit Lykian  rock tombs and find the only fresh water spring in this region.

İt is not possible to describe it with words, you have to see Taşyaka.